Sep 02

New Powerade Tear Pad Coupon!

During my shopping trip today (will post more on that in a little while) I stopped by my favorite Rite Aid and picked up some milk and I did the Nivea Body Wash deal.

After I checked out I was speaking with my wonderful RA store manager and he asked if I drink Powerade. I told him “No, but my son does.” Anyway, to make a long story short he had a tear pad of these $.75/2 Powerade coupons behind the counter and he gave me 15 of them to use on 2 cases of Powerade that I bought there, plus one extra coupon so that I could post it here and show it to you guys!

Powerade is on sale this week at Rite Aid for $.88 each, use this tear pad coupon to get them for right at $.50 each!

I guess I really don’t blame him for keeping them behind the counter to give to his “coupon ladies”. If he put the tearpad on the shelves near the product then all it would take is one person to come in and take the entire pad and go elsewhere to buy the Powerade.

Anyway, I wanted to post a picture of it so that you can keep your eyes peeled for this coupon. If you don’t see it in your stores don’t be afraid to ask about it. I’m sure that lots of businesses probably got them, but they may be keeping them behind their counters too.

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