Oct 25

Reminder: FREE Sterling Silver Jewelry + FREE Shipping!

Update: Gone!

Just in case anyone hasn’t gotten theirs yet, I wanted to post a quick reminder that there’s still a little time left to get the FREE Sterling Silver jewelry + FREE shipping from Savemore.com!

Get a $30 voucher to Accessories Direct for just $7.00.  And if you are a new Savemore.com member you can get $30 worth of jewelry totally FREE! Here’s how..

Signup to Savemore.com through this exclusive link and you’ll receive a FREE $10.00 Savemore.com store credit just for signing up. Use your $10 store credit to purchase the $30 Accessories Direct voucher for just $7 (you’ll have $3 credit left over).

Next, use your $30 voucher at Accessories Direct to score FREE jewelry that’s priced at $30! All of the sterling silver necklaces pictured above are priced at $30 each, and there’s several more to choose from at that price.

You’ll receive FREE shipping as well, so your total out of pocket will be $0.00!

I ordered this necklace the other day and as you can see by my receipt below I got it completely FREE! (The blacked out area is just my voucher number.)

Go HERE to signup for your FREE Savemore.com account and receive your $10 store credit now and use it to get your $30 voucher to Accessories Direct before time runs out.

Gotta love great freebies like this one! :D

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10 Responses to Reminder: FREE Sterling Silver Jewelry + FREE Shipping!

  1. leisha says:

    where did you receive voucher email? new to site said 24 hours just want to be sure where i should be looking thanks a bunch

  2. Stingy Momma says:

    Hi Leisha,
    Yes, you should receive your voucher by email in about 24 hours from the time you placed your order.

    Once you receive the email click the link in it and it’ll bring you to your voucher. Your voucher number will be above the bar code on the top right of the page. You use your voucher number on the accessories direct website as a coupon code and it’ll deduct $30 off your total.

    Choose a $30 piece of jewelry and it’ll be free with free shipping! :D

    Hope that helps,

  3. Sherri says:

    Is this real? I placed an order with this company a week ago on 10/26/11 and I have not received any shipment confirmation from them and I have also contacted them via email and no response.. I am starting to think that this is not the real deal.. :(

    • Stingy Momma says:

      Yes, it’s for real. I placed an order myself. While I haven’t received a shipping confirmation yet either, I’m not too terribly concerned about it just yet because they sold something like 15,000 of them and I’m sure it takes awhile to process them all.

      I’ll try emailing them as well and I’ll let you know what kind of response I get! :)


      • Sherri says:

        Good luck Paula, I still havent heard anything back from my original email and I have emailed them again to no avail. I also called the number listed on their website and it rang and rang forever with no voicemail or human response. I called back and it said that it was a non working number.. I then called savemore.com to report this but I was also on hold for 20 minutes waiting for them to answer the call and sadly I just gave up. I then looked up both of these companies on the BBB.org website and there is nothing listed on them so I hate to say it but I think that we have been taken for a ride.. :(

  4. Esperanza says:

    Just wanted everyone to know i received my NECKLACE YESTERDAY!!!!! THANX STINGY MAMA!!!

  5. Karan Selene says:

    This is BS….it just takes you to one of those cheasy ad sites that have promos for coupon sites. There is NO sign in page ….it isn’t even an actual webpage ….just an ad page….and here is what i could paste:

    • Stingy Momma says:

      Hi Karan,
      This deal was posted last October (10 months ago) and is not only no longer available, but the site that the deal was on is no longer active. I’ll update the post.

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