Jan 10

My Quick Trip To Rite Aid! FREE Zippo Candle Lighter! 1/10

I just got home from a quick to trip to Rite Aid where I got lots of good deals, including this FREE Zippo Candle Lighter! These lighters are priced at $9.99 each and there’s a Monthly +UP deal on these where you get a $5 +UP (limit 2) when you buy one. There’s also a $5 Rite Aid Single Check Rebate available on these (SCR #25) for January (this Single Check Rebate is unlimited). So with the +UP and the SCR it makes these FREE! :D

Zippo Candle Lighter $9.99
Receive: $5 +UP Rewards (limit 2)
Submit for $5 Rite Aid Single Check Rebate (unlimited)
Final Cost: FREE!

Here’s everything I got..

(1) Zippo Candle Lighter $9.99
(2) Wonka Candy Canes (75% off) $0.82 each = $1.64
(6) Assorted Visine $5.29 each – 20% “gold” discount = $4.23 each = $25.38
(2) o.b. Tampons $2.50 each = $5.00
(1) Diet Coke 20 oz. (shopping is thirsty work) $1.59 – 20% discount $1.27
(1) Thermacare 1 ct. $3.00
Subtotal: $46.28
(1) $1/2 Wonka Candy Canes – printable from couponnetwork, no longer available
(6) $2/1 Visine 1/8 SS
(2) $2/1 o.b. Tampons  – no longer available :(
(6) $2/1 Visine in-ad coupon
(1) $1/2 o.b. Tampons in-ad coupon
$16 +UP Rewards from previous trip
Total: $0.28
Received: $10 +UP for Visine & o.b., $5 +UP for Zippo lighter, $3 +UP for Thermacare, plus I’ll submit for my $5 SCR for Zippo lighter
Final Cost: (deducting the $16 +UP that I spent) $6.72 Moneymaker! :D

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13 Responses to My Quick Trip To Rite Aid! FREE Zippo Candle Lighter! 1/10

  1. veronica t says:

    How do you get multiples of the in ad coupons? Are they in the ads at the front of the store?

  2. Steve says:

    There is a deal on Darr Lea Liquorice right now. $2.99 for the bag and get back a $2 UP. If you have gold, the price drops to $2.39 and after UP reward comes out to $0.40 a bag.

  3. aleksandra says:


    Where do you find out what the monthly + UP deals are? Thanks :)


  4. lindsey soren says:

    Did you have any issue using an up reward to buy the zippo lighter? I tried today and the up reward beeped. They said because it wasn’t a participating product. Like how you cant buy tobacco products with up rewards. Thanks for you help!

    • Stingy Momma says:

      Hi Lindsey,

      I didn’t have any trouble at all using +UP rewards to pay for the lighter. Did you try buying the lighter by itself or did you have other products in the transaction with it?

      I had a bunch of other products in my transaction as stated in this blog post, but I’m thinking that if I had tried to buy the lighter by itself it may have been a problem.

      You may have already completed your Rite Aid shopping for this week, but since this is a monthly +UP & SCR I would suggest trying again when you have other products that you were going to get anyway and add a lighter to the transaction. It should work then.

      Hope that helps some!


      • lindsey soren says:

        Yes that helps! Thank you. I did try buying it by itself. I was wondering if I purchased other items then it would beep through. Thanks for your help! FYI-I have been couponing for three years now and just discovered your blog. I love it! Great job, thanks for all of the rite aid updates! I love shopping there!

        • Stingy Momma says:

          You’re very welcome! I went back to Rite Aid today and picked up another lighter. Looks like as long as purchase $10 worth of other products (before coupons, both MQ & RA) then the +UP goes through with no problem.

          I love shopping at Rite Aid too! I get so many great deals there and I’m blessed to have a great, coupon friendly staff at my local RA. :D


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